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The official tool to obtain video and audio from YouTube

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If you were one of the many YouTube users disappointed with the inability to save your favorite video or audio content to your computer, then help is here. Among the many free Download managers available, YouTube Downloader is the one to look at.

YouTube Downloader opens several windows of opportunity with multimedia contents on YouTube. The free software prevents the need to deal with so many mediocre third-party applications for saving contents on YouTube. YouTube Downloader is not only free but it is the most efficient of them all.

Although the name of YouTube Downloader might make you think that the software is the same as Free YouTube Downloader, you need to know that it is not the case. YouTube Downloader does not require the copy and paste of the video URL to an interface. The software integrates in the main YouTube page and the download can be initiated from that page. The quality of contents obtained by YouTube Downloader is wonderful to say the least. We only wished that the software was able to get contents from sites other than YouTube in the same manner as Internet Download Manager.

YouTube Downloader is quite fast in what it does. Furthermore, the saving format for the collected contents can be selected. Some of the most used formats are supported by this tool and include the MP4, MP3, and WAV formats. Some of the common issues encountered with similar plugins are non-existent with YouTube Downloader. This is an all around trustworthy and reliable software that all YouTube users should be installing.

YouTube Downloader is a wonderful addition for an enhanced YouTube experience.

  • Easy to install
  • Complete integration with YouTube
  • No configuration needed
  • Fast video download
  • Only works with YouTube
  • Browser limited

Choose your download:

Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
youtube-downloader-setup.exe exe 9.65MB 5.7.6 32 bits Windows Download
youtube-downloader-setup.exe exe 9.65MB 5.7.3 32 bits Windows Download
youtube-downloader-setup.exe exe 9.65MB 5.6.10 32 bits Windows Download
youtube-downloader.exe exe 3.43MB 4.57 32 bits Windows Download
YouTube Downloader 5.7.6 Free Download screenshot